Sports Technology Labs is a US based supplier best known for providing businesses and research institutions with the highest quality Peptides and SARMs for sale. Every batch of SARMs and peptides that we sell is tested by one of multiple accredited American 3rd party laboratories for the same purity standard used by laboratories, universities, disease research institutions, and chemical suppliers around the world. 

Several companies advertise third-party tested products but hide their certificates or redact contact information for testing companies so that customers can not verify the legitimacy of their certificates. Sports Technology Labs protects customers by sending every batch to one of multiple accredited American third party laboratories for testing.

Their SARMs are minimum 98% pure and their Peptides are minimum 96-99% pure depending on whether or not preservatives are necessary for their shelf life and safe transit. Many of their batches test purer than the reference standard they are measured against accredited American third party laboratories! Certificates of Analysis are readily available on their website’s COA page as well as product pages.